This Reference Guide is dedicated to all health professionals
who trust the innate healing power within every human being
and believe that proper use of all good substances provided by Nature
reminds the body of its ability to create health and promote well-being.
This is evidence of what happens when …
God and Man work together.

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Compiled, translated and written by:

Dr. Andreas Marx

Marco Pharma International gratefully acknowledges with thanks for their contributions: Burghardt Nestmann, Guido Beierle, Bernhard Muschlien, Dr. Robert D. Milne, Dr. Jeffrey Marrongelle, Dr. Paula Rochelle, Dr. Chris Kaufmann, Dr. Victor Marcial-Vega, Martin Strache, Dr. Markus Schaefer, Dr. Jay Dhawan, Dr. Emil Levin, Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig, Robert Eanes, Jerry Farris, Dr. Omar Amin, Andy Miller, Jerry M. Kosanovich, Tom Staverosky, Dr. Cheryl Sullivan, Dr. Barbara A. Chlupek, Elaine Smith, Ana Marx, Isaac Conyers III, and Vera Conyers.


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Biological Medicine

"Mirror of Nature

This is an educational guide intended for professional use.

Its presentation of therapeutic suggestions, protocols, clinical studies, publications, related medicines and supplements are derived from 15 different pharmaceutical manufacturers.

The protocols covered in this guide were developed over many decades; some formulated as early as the 19th century. Most significantly, the reliable content of this “educational tool” serves the busy health care professional by providing clear, concise information gleaned from the well-documented treatment outcomes and life-long experiences of their peers and teachers. Therefore, time consuming research often required to verify product claims made by the industry is eliminated. What better advantage could be offered?

Based on its tradition, Germany is today’s world leader in biological medicine. While this is certainly owed to decades of scientific research and physician experiences in biological therapies, it is also noted that German physicians have the freedom to choose from a wide spectrum of alternative and biological treatment modalities.

Marco Pharma International is highly motivated and committed to ensuring the protection, preservation and appropriate dissemination of this great knowledge, now and for future generations.

The data and articles in this publication were compiled from pharmaceutical libraries, medical training courses, and written in part by Dr. Andreas Marx

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Modern society suffers from relentless exposure to countless environmental stressors on a daily basis. Beginning with air, food and water, the human toxic burden is exacerbated by chemical pollution in homes, workplaces, recreational facilities, etc. It’s everywhere! The growing list of new chemicals, heavy metals, “electro smog,” and nuclear waste exposure poses unprecedented challenges for the human organism as it struggles daily to maintain health. It is nearly impossible to detect and protect oneself against the current multitude of invisible hazards.

While society has enjoyed the lifestyle changes offered through 20th Century technology, the resultant environmental conditions are rapidly proving to be detrimental to most planetary species, including humans. New and greater health challenges abound.

Throughout the evolution of man, adaptive mechanisms have allowed the immune system to recognize and respond to new pathogens. However, the rapid 20th Century increase in new environmental toxins has exceeded the immune system’s ability to effectively recognize and dispose of them. Ultimately many of these toxins, although in very low concentrations, can build up in body tissue over time, disturbing normal biological functions.

According to scientific sources, the adult human body comprises 50 to 100 trillion cells bound by connective tissue. All the capillaries and nerve endings end up in this matrix, also known as the “basic system” (Pischinger). The body does not allow toxic material to circulate in the bloodstream.

Whether exogenous endogenous, residual toxins become stored in the connective tissue and block the passage of nutrients from the blood to the cells, as well as the detoxification of metabolic cellular waste (Pischinger, Reckeweg). This process may not cause immediate symptoms, but continuous accumulation of toxins is a significant contributor to future chronic conditions. The standard treatment of chronic conditions is the prescription of symptom-suppressing drugs, whose toxic side effects often add to the problem by creating other additional conditions which increase the body’s stress burden.

Prevention and dissolution of residual toxic build-up from both immuno-recognized and the new, nonimmuno-recognized chemicals and heavy metals must be accomplished to prevent and reverse chronic disease. This requires unique, strategic approaches using structured combinations of biological therapies including homeopathic and herbal formulations. Here’s why…….

During Hahnemann’s time (Samuel Hahnemann, German physician, 1755-1843, developer of homeopathy), sanitation problems were a major cause of disease. While single homeopathic remedies proved effective at (1) stimulating the natural defense system, (2) balancing organ functions and (3) treating constitutional weaknesses (miasms), even then physicians combined different treatment modalities with homeopathic remedies to increase efficacy.

As previously mentioned, many toxic chemicals and heavy metals simply bypass the immune system unrecognized, contributing to build-up, blockage of detoxification mechanisms and nutrient passageways to the cells. The residual toxic accumulation combined with the effects of nutrient-deprived cells, disrupts normal organ functions by decreasing circulation in the affected area and forcing the body to find an alternate, but less effective disposal route or storage site. For example, PCBs in fish and meat, when not eliminated, are deposited in fat tissue which ultimately increases the body’s toxic burden.

Treatment using herbal and low potency homeopathic combinations increase circulation, metabolic, and organ functions (For example, a pharmaceutical grade fresh Crataegus extract (Hawthorne), due to its active ingredients, will increase coronary circulation. The increase of circulation in a specific organ is called “drainage” (German: “Ausleitung”). In treating chronic conditions, this first step is essential because it opens the detoxification channels for complete neutralization and elimination of toxic deposits. Initiating organ-specific drainage therapies enhances all other therapeutic modalities - including the use of nosodes and/or high potency remedies.

Single high potency homeopathic remedies are subtle, but powerful. However, their effects can be neutralized by substances with strong fragrances or electro-magnetic fields. The endless list of additives and stimulants in our food and drink can antidote their effects. These obstacles have led to the development of “Modern Homeopathy” over the last 60 years (Reckeweg, Voll, Muschlien, Schimmel).

The three level approach …

First: Since multiple disturbance factors are involved in most conditions today, the doctor must be aware of environmental stressors (air, water, poor nutrition, all toxins, etc.) in the workplace, recreation facilities, home including bedroom with snoring partner, etc. Therefore, interventions such as proper nutrition, acupuncture, neural-therapy, structural alignments, chelation, physical therapy, and exercise should be considered in the first step of the disease reversal process.

Second: Low-potency homeopathic and herbal formulas (drainage remedies) will increase circulation and metabolic functions, thereby eliminating toxic deposits and igniting the self-healing mechanism. (See “Drainage Remedies,” page XXX.)

Third: After clearing the pathways to the cells, the disease reversal and balance of constitutional weaknesses (miasms) can be achieved with single high-potency remedies and other techniques using bioresonance.

Again, the treatment of today’s patients requires

a structured combination of biological therapies.

History of German Remedies

There are more than 100,000 biological remedies available in Germany today. They are manufactured by several hundred companies and distributed by thousands of pharmacies. This development began as early as, or even before, the nineteenth century. One has to remember that doctors from the “old school” wrote customized prescriptions for patients who took them to pharmacies where they were prepared from scratch, solely for each patient’s particular ailment.

When a formula became very popular due to noted efficacy and demand was realized, pharmacists would prepare and stock certain quantities in advance. The natural evolution of this process created small, and later, larger manufacturing facilities.

It should be understood that the development of these pharmaceutical companies evolved purely and solely on the basis of good, consistent results and product demand. Consistently, these companies built their reputations on the substantially, proven efficacy of their remedies over time. With integrity, they avoided the “cook book” approach where formulas are created quickly to make fast, easy sales with the use of clever marketing tactics. This is the most ideal scenario for busy health care professionals because they can rely on remedies with decades of proven safety and efficacy, rather than spending time on product research; attempting to validate a manufacturer’s claims.

Of course all remedies are standardized* and pharmaceutical grade. This means each particular active ingredient is always present in the same concentration, tested via high pressure liquid chromatography and registered with the German BfArM (Germany’s equivalent of our FDA).

We currently benefit from decades of fine work accomplished by great pharmacists and physicians. This Physicians’ Reference Guide presents a selection of medicines and supplement specialties carefully chosen by German and American physicians experienced in biological therapies.

* For German companies, the term “standardized” means:

The extraction process must be reproducible in relation to a precise concentration of one or more active ingredients. This does not mean isolated ingredients; all herbs have a natural composition ratio of their chemicals.

Uncontrolled variations, which can occur from harvest to harvest, are not accepted. For example, Nestmann’s emphasis is to exclude extreme high or low variations so that the same effectiveness of each remedy is always guaranteed.

Nestmann Homeopathic

And Herbal Formulas

The Nestmann company is located near Bamberg, Germany, in the state of Bavaria. This is the home of the the largest group of biodynamic medicinal plant growers in Germany. The Nestmann homeopathic and herbal formulas were originally developed by the Klauders, a well-known family of naturopathic physicians.

Burghardt Nestmann’s great-grandfather began practicing homeopathy in the 1860s. His two sons became well-known naturopathic physicians, specializing in iridology. Busloads of patients from every corner of Germany traveled to their practice. Even during winter, patients would travel great distances and wait in long lines outside their clinic for an appointment. This rich heritage of knowledge and dedication has been handed down through the Nestmann’s fifth generation and continues today.

The excellent results German doctors and others have achieved with Nestmann formulas are attributed to their unique formulations which combine homeopathic tinctures (1x), with additional homeopathics and herbals of other potencies. Low potencies contain adequate biochemically active material to create a drug-like effect. The efficacy is observed with increasing circulation within specific organ systems, also known as “drainage,” as well as supplying valuable antioxidants (free radical scavengers). Plant extracts (1x), as concentrated substances, take about 20 minutes to be absorbed into the bloodstream and chemically stimulate organ functions. For example, after taking Solidago No. 5 one can feel an urge to urinate about 20 minutes later. The concept behind these formulations is that 1(x) tincture stimulates the organ function and the accompanyng higher potencies normalize conditions and promote healing.

Based on this unique concept, Nestmann formulas work on two levels simultaneously: stimulating and healing. All their remedies are standardized* and pharmaceutical grade, controlled by high pressure liquid chromatography, which guarantees that the active ingredients are present in the same concentrations at all times – this is required by German law. Nestmann has insisted on the highest quality and standards of their products since the beginning.

* For German companies, the term “standardized” means:

The extraction process must be reproducible in relation to a precise concentration of active ingredients that have been registered with the German BfArM (the German equivalent of the United States’ FDA). This does not mean isolated ingredients; all herbs have a natural composition ratio of their chemicals.

Uncontrolled variations of active ingredients in plants occur naturally from harvest to harvest. Each crude material is tested and accordingly processed to guarantee the same concentrated formulas each time.

Quality Control

A frequently used saying in Germany is, “A blank sheet of paper is always patient.” This means, one can write anything on paper without it talking back.

Health professionals are swamped daily with fliers touting new and sensational products. They make outrageous claims, often placing the burden of proof regarding product quality, safety and efficacy on practitioners, who neither have time nor money for independent lab analysis to determine these measures of remedies they prescribe.

It is the ethical responsibility of the supplier to ensure customers receive only the highest quality products accompanied by truthful advertising. Integrity is important in every business. In health care, this business characteristic is critical because human lives are at stake and doctors must practice according to the high ethical and legal standards established by medical and licensing boards.

As a conscientious supplier, Marco Pharma International’s “Number One” priority is to guarantee adherence to the same high standards that govern the practices of health professionals. MPI currently distributes products from 15 different manufacturers and remains committed to ensuring product safety, efficacy, purity, truthful advertising, credible marketing and overall customer satisfaction, through intense management involvement and organizational oversight.

Just to let you know …

The health care industry uses these four grades of raw materials to manufacture products:

  • 1st Rough grade – Poor quality
  • 2nd Technical grade – Minor quality
  • 3rd Reagent grade – Medium quality
  • 4th Pharmaceutical grade – Best quality

Pleased be advised that all products from MPI are Pharmaceutical grade and Standardized*. * Standardized – See History of German Remedies

The Importance of Drainage Remedies

By Dr. Andreas Marx

Many disease related symptoms result from poor circulation in the affected organ or organ system. Sluggish circulation in any organ tissue leads to a build-up of cellular wastes (metabolites). All cells are surrounded by connective tissue. Toxic build-up hinders the passing of nutrients through connective tissue for delivery to the cells and impairs drainage of cellular wastes.

For this reason the first therapeutic step should always be to increase circulation - to clear the path to the cells. For example, patients who have a poor diet and do not exercise have sluggish circulation. Here arteriosclerotic plaque build-up is like the waste that accrues at the banks of a slow flowing river. Increased blood flow washes waste away like a fast mountain stream.

Throughout the centuries empirical evidence has proven that specific medicinal plants will increase circulation in specific organs and organ systems. For example, Crataegus No. 26 (Hawthorne Extract) increases circulation in the coronary vessels; and Aesculus No. 6 (Wild Chestnut), in the extremities. Herbs that improve metabolic functions by increasing circulation are called “Drainage Remedies.”

A drainage remedy needs to have two main characteristics:

  1. It increases circulation in a specific area in the body.
  2. It must be biochemically active.

Homeopathic remedies may also be used for drainage.

Low-potency homeopathics, in particular tinctures (1x), can still have enough active ingredients to influence chemical reactions, and in certain combinations can be used effectively as drainage remedies. Higher potency homeopathics or “vibrational” remedies cannot cause this direct biochemical effect.

One of the most essential applications for drainage remedies is before and during any detoxification program. When using homeopathic Nosodes* and Sarcodes** (SANUM, HEEL, etc.), or other therapies such as Chelation, Liver or Kidney detox, drainage remedies will help to eliminate waste, regenerate cells, and minimize a healing crisis.

If the patient is very toxic and depleted, prescribing just Nosodes and high potency homeopathics could lead to severe reactions and toxic overloads, which can cause an uncomfortable “healing crisis.” A Nosode acts like a key opening a “toxic deposit box.” The connective tissues which have served as the “toxic deposit box” respond to the Nosode by releasing their previously stored residuals into the bloodstream and can cause unpleasant, confusing symptoms.

Drainage therapies protect organ systems and move the previously stored toxic residuals out of the body quickly and safely with minimal discomfort. It is recommended that an average drainage therapy be prescribed for two months.

Using drainage remedies during chelation therapy is a must and will also reduce stress on the kidneys and lymphatic system. (See “Drainage Remedies,” page XXX.)

The NESTMANN formulas are among the strongest drainage remedies available and widely preferred by German practitioners. They have been prescribed with proven efficacy throughout the last century. The advantage of NESTMANN’s liquid extractions is that a large portion of the remedy is absorbed into the blood stream regardless of the condition of the intestinal tract.

* Nosodes are homeopathically prepared remedies using pathologic tissue or micro-organisms.

** Sarcodes are homeopathically prepared healthy organ tissue remedies.

Reference of

Conditions and Remedies

The following reference is a guide for health care professionals to design individual therapy protocols, narrowing remedy options for specific conditions. The remedies listed under each specific condition are options from which a protocol can be selected.

Every patient and case requires individual evaluation.

Experience shows biological therapy can be a valuable adjunct during allopathic treatment, however it can not, in all cases, replace allopathic therapy.

The index numbering system was created by Marco Pharma International, U.S.A.

To find descriptions of the listed items, please see Index on page XXX.


Main Remedies:

      Absinthium 17; Peppermint Oil; Luvos;

      Frangula 27; Ba-Co-Flor; Intesta-Cleanse

      Bismuth Somaplex 1; Magnesium Somaplex 7

Main Remedies:

      Topically: Luvos Powder (as a compress)

      Without fever: AB 11; Marcozyme

      With fever: ABB 12; Marcozyme

Accompanying Remedies Lappa 30 or Lymphonest 10

      Absinthium 17; Luvos; NemaBase;

      Marcozyme (one to two hours after meals);

      Frangula 27


Main Remedies:

      Internal: Hepatica 4 or Cholenest 14; Intesta-Cleanse;

      Lappa 30; Lymphonest 10;

      Sulfur Somaplex 13

      External: Luvos Powder (topically)

Main Remedies:

      Metapan; Hepatica 4 or Cholenest 14; Intesta-Cleanse;

      Artichoke 24; Folidreen

Accompanying Remedies Lycopus 19; Marcozyme;

      Chromium Somaplex 6;

      Multi-21 Somaplex; NeproTec

Main Remedies:

      Folidreen; Bucco 25; Avena Sativa 9; Lithium 39;

      Cerebro PTC; Copper-Gold-Silver Somaplex 18;

      Manganese-Copper-Cobalt Somaplex 17;

      Iodine 5; Multi-21 Somaplex
A.D.D. / A.D.H.D.

       Cerebro PTC; Folidreen; Lithium 39; NeproTec;

       See Heavy Avena Sativa 9; Zinc-Copper Somaplex 19;

       Metal Detox, page XX Manganese Somaplex 8; Iodine Somaplex 5

Main Remedies:

       Allernest 8; Folidreen; NemaBase

       Sinus: Hydrastis Nasal Spray 21; Luffa 2

       Food Allergies: Ba-Co-Flor; Nepro-Rella; Intesta-Cleanse; Luvos; Frangula 27; Marcozyme

       Skin Allergies: Luvos Powder mixed with Horsetail Tea (apply topically to affected skin area);        Selenium Somaplex 12

 Accompanying Remedy:

       Manganese Somaplex 8

      Cerebro PTC; Lithium 39

      (See Chelation page 103; Heavy Metal Detox page 49)

       Present in Dysbiosis, Ba-Co-Flor; Nepro-Rella; Thuja 22;

       Parasites; Anal Fissures; Para-A; Intesta-Cleanse; Luvos Powder (topically) and in some cases during colon cancer

Main Remedies:

       Cerebro PTC; Absinthium 17; Scolopendrium 28;

       Folidreen; Nepro-Rella; MarcoMag;

       Manganese-Copper-Cobalt Somaplex 17; Multi-21 Somaplex


Main Remedies:

       Trillium 36; Aesculus 6; Folidreen

       Accompanying Remedies:

       Viscum 3; NeproTec (See Chelation, page XX)


Main Remedies:

       Cactus 16 or Crataegus 26; MarcoMag; Peppermint Oil

Accompanying Remedies:

       Marcozyme; Folidreen


Main Remedies:

       Accelerin; Cactus 16; Crataegus 26; Bucco 25; NeproTec


Main Remedies:

       Viscum 3; Marcozyme; Cerebro PTC; Lithium 39; Accelerin

Accompanying Remedies

       Aesculus 6; Folidreen; Solidago 5 or Bucco 25 (See Chelation, page 103)


Main Remedies:

       Polygonum 7; NemaBase; Marcozyme

Accompanying Remedies:

       Aesculus 6; Solidago 5 or Bucco 25;

       Selenium Somaplex 12;


       (Nos. 5 or 25; 6; 7 can be combined together, see page 117)

Topically MarcoSport Blue, Green, Red;

       Luvos Powder (as a body/joint wrap)

Acute Pain AB 11

Acute Inflammation Marcozyme; NemaBase


Acute Attack: Peppermint Oil

Chronic Conditions: Pulmonest 20; Allernest 8; Marcozyme; NemaBase

Accompanying Remedies: Avena Sativa 9; Multi-21 Somaplex; Manganese Somaplex 8


Main Remedies: Trillium 36; Cobalt Somaplex 2

External: Luvos Powder


Topically: Horsetail Tea (as a cool eyewash)

Remedies: Lymphonest 10; Lappa 30; AB 11; Marcozyme (Check Nosodes for inherited toxins, such as Lusium and Medorrhinum, etc.)


Main Remedies: Frangula 27; Luvos; Intesta-Cleanse

Accompanying Remedies: Ba-Co-Flor; Marcozyme


Main Remedies: Pulmonest 20; Peppermint Oil; AB 11 or ABB 12; MycoSurge; Marcozyme; Ba-Co-Flor

Accompanying Remedies: Copper-Gold-Silver Somaplex 18


External: Luvos Powder (as a compress)

Internal: ABB 12; Marcozyme


Main Remedies: Polygonum 7; AB 11; Marcozyme; NemaBase; MarcoSport Blue, Green, Red

Accompanying Remedies: Luvos Powder (as a shoulder wrap);


Biological support: MycoSurge; Marcozyme; Lymphonest 10;

For prevention: Ba-Co-Flor; NemaBase; Folidreen;

And during: Seacure; Colostrum; Selenium Somaplex 12;

Traditional therapies: Multi-21 Somaplex



Intestinal: Ba-Co-Flor; Kiddi-Flora; NemaBase; Intesta-Cleanse; Metapan; Absinthium 17; Scolopendrium 28; Nepro-Rella; Folidreen; Luvos

Vaginal: Thuja 22 (topically); Ba-Co-Flor (capsules can be opened and mixed into a douche)

Accompanying Remedies: Lymphonest 10; Scolopendrium 28; MycoSurge; Folidreen; Copper-Gold-Silver Somaplex 18




Main Remedies: Artichoke 24; Hepatica 4 or Cholenest 14; Folidreen

Accompanying Remedies: Ba-Co-Flor; Marcozyme; Intesta-Cleanse


Main Remedies: MycoSurge; Folidreen; Lithium 39; Cerebro PTC; NeproTec; Crataegus 26 Female Female Tonic 29

Accompanying Remedies: Liver Detox (see page XX); Seacure; Colostrum;

Intesta-Cleanse: Read “Parasites” pgs 87-90 Manganese-Copper-Cobalt Somaplex 17; Chromium Somaplex 6; & Heavy Metal Detox pg 49 Aesculus 6


Main Remedy: (Peripheral) Aesculus 6

Accompanying Remedies: Cactus 16 or Crataegus 26; Cerebro PTC; NeproTec

Weakness of the cardio-vascular system: MarcoMag

Endocrine: Lycopus 19; Lithium 39

Female: Add Female Tonic 29

Extremeties: topical MarcoSport Red Warming Cream


See page 24

Main Remedies:

Acute (with fever): ABB 12

Acute (without fever): AB 11

Accompanying Remedies: Marcozyme

Sore Throat: Echinacea 1; Peppermint Oil

Chest: Pulmonest 19

Nose: Hydrastis Nasal Spray 21 (excellent preventative)

Immune Stimulation: Lymphonest 10; MycoSurge


Adults Absinthium 17 (See Gastric/Intestinal, page XX) Infants Absinthium 17 (See Pediatric Care, page XX)


Main Remedy Luvos (high amount); Ba-Co-Flor Accompanying Remedies Absinthium 17


Horsetail Tea (as a cool eye wash); AB 11; Lymphonest 10; Marcozyme


External Thuja 22; Ba-Co-Flor Internal MycoSurge; Echinacea 1; Lymphonest 10 or Copper-Gold-Silver Somaplex 18


Main Remedies Intesta-Cleanse; Cholenest 14; Artichoke 24; Marcozyme; Absinthium 17; Frangula 27 Accompanying Remedies SeaCure; Colostrum; Folidreen; Ba-Co-Flor




Main Remedies Pulmonest 20; Peppermint Oil Accompanying Remedies Avena Sativa 9; Crataegus 26; Cactus 16


Main Remedies Solidago 5; Horsetail Tea Accompanying Remedies AB 11; Marcozyme


Main Remedies Lithium 39; Cerebro PTC; Hepatica 4 or Cholenest 14; Intesta-Cleanse; Folidreen; Avena Sativa 9; NeproTec; Crataegus 26; Manganese-Cobalt Somaplex 15 Female Female Tonic 29


Main Remedies Thuja 22 mixed with Luvos (apply to affected area); MarcoSport Green Accompanying Remedies AB 11; Lymphonest 10; Sulfur Somaplex 13; Kidney Detox page XX Marcozyme


Main Remedies Rubus 18; Chromium Somaplex 6; NemaBase Accompanying Remedies Hepatica 4; Marcozyme; Multi-21 Somaplex


Main Remedies Luvos; Ba-Co-Flor Accompanying Remedies Nepro-Rella; Frangula 27; SeaCure; Colostrum; Multi 21 Somaplex


See ULCERS, page 17


Main Remedies Ba-Co-Flor; Frangula 27; Intesta-Cleanse; Luvos; Absinthium 17; Metapan; NemaBase; Seacure; Colostrum; Nepro-Rella Check for parasites and food sensitivities, such as gluten intolerance.


Main Remedies Absinthium 17; NemaBase; Marcozyme; Luvos; Colostrum; Bismuth Somaplex 1


Main Remedies ABC 13 Accompanying Remedies Echinacea 1; Lymphonest 10; Marcozyme


Topical Thuja 22; Luvos Powder Internal See Heavy Metal Detox, page 50 (Allergic) Allernest 8 Accompanying Remedies Hepatica 4; Horsetail Tea See Kidney Drainage, page XX


Main Remedies Asparagus; Marcozyme Accompanying Remedies Solidago 5; Horsetail Tea; Manganese Somaplex 8


Topical Peppermint Oil; acute: Marcosport Blue; chronic: Marcosport Green Internal Marcozyme; NemaBase


Main Remedies Peppermint Oil; Cactus 16 or Crataegus 26; Cerebro PTC




Main Remedies ABB 12 Accompanying Remedies Lymphonest 10; Echinacea 1; Marcozyme


Main Remedies NemaBase; Nepro-Rella; MarcoMag See PARASITES and ARTHRITIS/RHEUMATISM, Page 101, 126; See ACID/ALKALINE BALANCE, Page 73; See HEAVY METAL DETOX, page 54


See page 24


Main Remedies Ba-Co-Flor; NemaBase See CANDIDIASIS, page XXX. Topically Thuja 22


Condition should be confirmed via scan, etc. Colic Pain Peppermint Oil Preventive Remedies Cholenest 14; Artichoke 24; Hepatica 4; Para-A; Intesta-Cleanse; Magnesium Somaplex 7


Main Remedies Absinthium 17; Luvos; Ba-Co-Flor; Metapan Accompanying Remedies Avena Sativa 9; Bismuth Somaplex 1


Main Remedies Folidreen applied to the gums; floss with Peppermint Oil; NemaBase; Kiddi-Flora Test for amebic gingivitis.


Acute attack Polygonum 7; Solidago 5; NemaBase Frequent high dosage of Marcozyme. Add ABB 12 A potato diet for three days is suggested. External Luvos Powder (apply as a pack) Accompanying Remedies Horsetail Tea; Asparagus


Main Remedies Allernest 8; Hydrastis Nasal Spray 21; Luffa 2; Cholenest 14; Intesta-Cleanse; Para-A Accompanying Remedies Horsetail Tea; Marcozyme; Peppermint Oil


(After Care) Main Remedies Cactus 16; Crataegus 26; Pulmonest 20; Marcozyme Peppermint Oil; MarcoMag or Accelerin; Accompanying Remedies Folidreen; Cerebro PTC; Avena Sativa 9; NeproTec


Temporal Cholenest 14; Cerebro PTC; Intesta-Cleanse Topically Marcosport Green (applied to shoulders and neck) Frontal occipital Solidago 5 or Bucco 25; Cerebro PTC; Topically Marcosport Green (applied to shoulders and neck) Accompanying Remedy Manganese Somaplex 8

HEART (Nervous)

Main Remedies Cactus 16 or Crataegus 26; Avena Sativa 9 Rapid Pulse Accelerin; Cerebro PTC Weak Pulse MarcoMag Accompanying Remedies Pulmonest 20; NeproTec; Folidreen


Main Remedies Absinthium 17; Luvos See ACID REFLUX, page XX Accompanying Remedies NemaBase; Ba-Co-Flor




Main Remedies Cholenest 14 or Hepatica 4; Artichoke 24 Bleeding Trillium 36; Aesculus 6 Constipation Intesta-Cleanse Accompanying Remedies Marcozyme


Accompanying Remedies Hepatica 4; Cholenest 14; Artichoke 24; during traditional therapies Folidreen; ABB 12 Additional Immune Support MycoSurge; Lymphonest 10 or Lappa 30; Marcozyme; Seacure; Colostrum; Copper-Gold-Silver Somaplex 18


Main Remedies Viscum 3; Wild Bear Garlic 35; Cerebro PTC; Marcozyme; Accelerin; Cactus 16; Crataegus 26 Accompanying Remedies Avena Sativa 9; NeproTec; Folidreen; Magnesium Somaplex 7; Potassium Somaplex 11 Renal Bucco 25 or Solidago 5; Asparagus; Horsetail Tea


Main Remedies Cactus 16 or Crataegus 26; Folidreen Accompanying Remedies Aesculus 6; Peppermint Oil; Cerebro PTC; NeproTec


Main Remedies MycoSurge; Lymphonest 10; Scolopendrium 28; Para-A; Echinacea 1; Cerebro PTC; Lappa 20; Seacure; Colostrum; NeproTec; Marcozyme; Selenium Somaplex 12 (include Liver & Kidney Therapy)




Main Remedies ABB 12; Marcozyme; Para-A Accompanying Remedies Echinacea 1; Lymphonest 10; Hydrastis Nasal Spray 21; Pulmonest 20; Peppermint Oil; Copper-Gold-Silver Somaplex 18 See page 133


Main Remedies AB 11; Marcozyme; NemaBase Accompanying Remedies Echinacea 1; Lymphonest 10 External Luvos Powder; MarcoSport Blue, Green


Internal NemaBase; Allernest 8; ABB 12; Marcozyme External Peppermint Oil; MarcoSport Blue; Luvos Powder


Main Remedies Avena Sativa 9; Crataegus 26; Cactus 16; Pulmonest 20; Folidreen Accompanying Remedies NeproTec Thyroid Iodine Somaplex 5; Lycopus 19


Main Remedies Ba-Co-Flor; Para-A; Luvos; Frangula 27; Absinthium 17 Constipation Intesta-Cleanse Accompanying Remedies Hepatica 4 or Cholenest 14; Metapan; Seacure; Colostrum; Multi 21 Somaplex Check for parasites, see page XX




Remedies suggested in See KIDNEY DRAINAGE, page XX conjunction with Marcozyme traditional therapies


Main Remedies MycoSurge; Echinacea 1; Peppermint Oil; AB 11 or ABB 12; Marcozyme; Kiddi-Flora


(Functional Disorders) Main Remedies Hepatica 4 or Cholenest 14; Folidreen; Artichoke 24; Metapan See pages 59-60 Accompanying Remedy Intesta-Cleanse


Internal AB 11; Marcozyme; Solidago 5; Bucco 25 Irregular Bowel Intesta-Cleanse External MarcoSport Green, Red


Main Remedies Lymphonest 10; Echinacea 1; Lappa 20; MycoSurge; Colostrum; AB 11 or ABB 12; Marcozyme; Para-A; Manganese-Copper Somaplex 16


AB 11or ABB 12; Folidreen; Lymphonest 10; MycoSurge; Marcozyme External Luvos Powder; MarcoSport Blue


Temporal Cholenest 14; Cerebro PTC; Folidreen; AB 11; Hepatica 4; Artichoke 24; Constipation Intesta-Cleanse Frontal / Occpital Bucco 25; Solidago 5; Horsetail Tea Female Add Female Tonic 29 Accompanying Remedies MacoMag; Cobalt Somaplex 2; Metapan


Cerebro PTC; Folidreen; Colostrum; Ba-Co-Flor; Multi 21 Somaplex See HEAVY METAL DETOX, page 54 See CHELATION, page XX


Main Remedies Absinthium 17; Para-A; Frangula 27; Peppermint Oil


Main Remedies Solidago 5; Marcozyme; Bucco 25 Accompanying Remedies AB 11; ABB 12; Horsetail Tea


Main Remedies Avena Sativa 9; Crataegus 26 Accompanying Remedies Peppermint Oil; Lithium 39; Cerebro PTC; Phosphorus Somaplex 10


Main Remedies Marcozyme; Metapan; Intesta-Cleanse; Folidreen; Lithium 39; Cerebro PTC Accompanying Remedies Absinthium 17; Artichoke 24; Hepatica 4 or Cholenest 14; NeproTec; Chromium Somaplex 6; Lymphonest 10; Multi-21 Somaplex


Main Remedies Horsetail Tea; NemaBase Accompanying Remedies Fluoride Somaplex 4; Molybedenum Somaplex 9; Phosphorus Somaplex 10; Avena Sativa 9; NeproTec


Main Remedies Rubus 18; Chromium Somaplex 6; Metapan; Hepatica 4 Accompanying Remedies Marcozyme; Zinc-Nickel-Cobalt Somaplex 20; Multi-21 Somaplex


Accompanying Remedies Para-A; Luvos; Ba-Co-Flor; Intesta-Cleanse; Frangula 27; Hepatica 4 or Cholenest 14; Copper-Gold-Silver Somaplex 18 See detailed information, pages 99-106.


Internal Folidreen; Female Tonic 29; Lithium 39 External Thuja 22 Accompanying Remedies Avena Sativa 9; Cerebro PTC; NeproTec; Manganese-Cobalt Somaplex 15 See LIVER DRAINAGE, page XX.


Remedies suggested Pulmonest 20; MycoSurge; Marcozyme; ABB 12 in conjunction with Lymphonest 10; Echinacea 1; Cerebro PTC; Crataegus 26 traditional therapies

PROSTATE (Enlarged)

Main Remedies Sabal Serrulatum 15; Solidago 5; Marcozyme Horsetail Tea


Solidago 5; Horsetail Tea (take for at least six months); Bucco 25; Lappa 30; Hepatica 4; Avena Sativa 9 (stress); Sulfur Somaplex 13 See HEAVY METAL DETOX, page 54. See SKIN CONDITIONS, page XXX.


Main Remedies Polygonum 7; Marcozyme; NemaBase; Allernest 8; Solidago 5 or Bucco 25; Aesculus 6; AB 11 (No. 5, or 25, 6, 7, 8 can all be combined into one 8 oz. amber bottle, see page 147.) See HEAVY METAL DETOX, page 54. External Luvos Powder (as packs); MarcoSport red, blue and green (used accordingly)


See Sinusitis, below.


Main Remedies Peppermint Oil; Absinthium 17; Avena Sativa 9


Main Remedy Peppermint Oil Accompanying Remedy Multi 21 Somaplex


Main Remedies Lappa 30; ABB 12 Accompanying Remedies Lymphonest 10; Echinacea 1; Marcozyme; Intesta-Cleanse See LIVER and KIDNEY DRAINAGE.


Main Remedies Hydrastis Nasal Spray 21; Luffa 2; Marcozyme; Intesta-Cleanse Accompanying Remedies Allernest 8; Echinacea 1; Cholenest 14 Sinus symptoms related to gastrointestinal disorders See page 107 Sinus symptoms related to urinary tract disorders Solidago 5 or Bucco 25


Main Remedies AB 11; Marcozyme; Polygonum 7; NemaBase External Acute: Peppermint Oil and MarcoSport Blue; Chronic: Peppermint Oil and MarcoSport Green; Luvos Powder (as packs)


Main Remedies Avena Sativa 9; Lithium 39; Folidreen; Female Tonic 29; Cerebro PTC Accompanying Remedies Neprotec; Cactus 16 or Crataegus 26; Accelerin or MarcoMag


Main Remedies Marcozyme; NemaBase Topical Peppermint Oil with MarcoSport Blue or Green (mixed together)


Main Remedies Lycopus 19; MarcoMag; Iodine Somaplex 5; Multi-21 Somaplex Females with Avena Sativa 9; Lycopus 19; MarcoMag; nervous disorders Folidreen See SUGGESTED USE INSTRUCTIONS for Lycopus 19. Accompanying Remedies Female Tonic 29


Main Remedies Echinacea 1; Marcozyme; Kiddi-Flora without fever AB 11 with fever ABB 12 Peppermint Oil; Lymphonest 10


Main Remedies AB 11; Avena Sativa 9; Marcozyme; Peppermint Oil Accompanying Remedy Lithium 39 External MarcoSport Blue, Green, Red (used accordingly); Peppermint Oil


Main Remedies Luvos; Absinthium 17; Bismuth Somaplex 1 Accompanying Remedies Avena Sativa 9; Folidreen; Frangula 27


Main Remedies External Luvos Powder (as wraps) Internal Aesculus 6; Marcozyme; Cerebro PTC; Trillium 36 Accompanying Remedies Lappa 30; Hepatica 4


Main Remedies Allernest 8; Marcozyme; NemaBase; Lappa 20; Avena Sativa 9 External Luvos Powder (as packs); MarcoSport Blue


Internal MycoSurge; Cilantro; Colostrum; Marcozyme Accompanying Remedies Lymphonest 10; Lappa 30; Selenium Somaplex 12; Copper-Gold-Silver Somaplex 18 External Thuja 22


Main Remedy Absinthium 17; Peppermint Oil; Para-A Accompanying Remedies Ba-Co-Flor; Luvos; Frangula 27; Hepatica 4


Main Remedies External Thuja 22 Internal MycoSurge; Lymphonest 10; Zinc Somaplex 14

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